Saturday, June 2, 2012

Some news! Good and bad. :(

Guys, I'm SO sorry I haven't been posting.
But you will see why I haven't really been posting lately later...


We stopped by the vet, and they said that either we had to put Trinity down, or she will just suffer.
I hated to see her in pain, so we decided that putting her down would be the best thing to do.

I don't have a C&C cage, we were so money tight we had to sell it before we took it out of the package.


New family member! 

She is about a month old, she is a grey tiny kitten!
Yes, I said it! KITTEN!!

I have always wanted one, I have had cats before. They are so smart and sweet.

Here is a picture of Cotton. 

Here is another picture of her, in most of them she is sleeping because thats the only time she will stay still long enough for me to take a picture! 

Hope everyone is doing okay. :)

Oh, and I missed so many product mondays, I will make that up this coming monday. :D