Sunday, August 26, 2012

PetSmart haul! [8/25/2012]

I recorded this video yesterday and it just uploaded, so check it out?

Thursday, August 23, 2012

I'm back! :)

So, you remember how my cage was way long before I got Zoey? Here's a picture in case you can't remember. My cage has changed a lot since then, well, not a lot, but a little. I'm really happy with the way it turned out. I hate this old layout, this is what it looked like when I first made the cage, and I expanded the second level. Not sure if I made a post about it here when I expanded it, but I did. I hated the second level, it was a waste of space. Especially under it, I couldn't really reach under there to spot clean the poo, which really got on my nerves and hurt my back. I think I even pulled a muscle from crawling under there and trying to clean up the poo in the morning when I woke up. Speaking of mornings, I think I'm getting a good sleep schedule going again. Over the summer I totally lost control and could only go to sleep at 4am. When school started back, that's when I started falling apart. Getting 3 hours of sleep every morning was not good for me, at all. I would always fall asleep in class, I'm surprised I didn't get written up for it. My teachers are actually pretty cool. So, back onto the subject of cages.
I washed their fleece yesterday (Yay!) because it started to smell a little. A smelly cage is never good. (Yuck..) And once I got the cage nice and clean and smelling good, I loved it! All the other times I washed the fleece it never looked as good as it does now, ever. I'm really surprised at how good it looks to me. I've washed the fleece before, but it's never looked this good to me. I always have thought my cage looks horrible, because I don't have coroplast, I have 2 shower curtains under the fleece instead. I wish I could afford coroplast, it would look so much more nicer than shower curtains. But I can't afford coroplast at the moment, it's really expensive, y'know? Once I can afford coroplast I will definitely get some. First thing on my to-do list. But a shower curtain is good for now. I want to go to this guinea pig rescue a couple of hours away to see if they have any female guinea pigs available. I want to adopt another one. What am I turning into?
I just love guinea pigs, they're so cute and lovable and snuggly and ah! I just love them so much!
Oh! I wanted to tell you something new about what I did with the cage, I used this shoe box and cut a hole on the front (or the back, whatever.) so they could get in there to eat hay. It would hold hay way better than that other thing I had, with that other little box thing they could push the hay out and it would go all over the fleece. But since this shoe box has high sides on it, I can pile hay in it and they can't knock out as much as they could with the other thing. As far as health concerns, my piggies are not really chewers, they know what's toy's and what's not toy's. They're silly piggies. ;) Sorry if this is a little long, I just have so much to say! :)

A front view of the shoebox hay holder on the right.

I think I cut it low enough to where they can crawl in, later I found out it was perfect for them. They have plenty enough room to crawl in and eat the hay, so it's a good substitute to the expensive store hay holders.

I use this weird Kaytee bedding, it looks like shredded pieces of toilet paper. As far as moisturization and odor control it has been doing well. The urine leaks through the bottom, but that's okay, when the shoe box ruins I will just replace it. I have tons of shoe boxes.

Beanie trying out the hay bin for the first time.
A few bedding pieces comes out when they hop in and come out, but that's okay. As long as the hay doesn't get everywhere like it used to. That would make me soooooo mad when they tipped over their hay bin and hay would scatter all over one half of the cage, it would take me hours to clean it all up. Hopefully this shoe box won't get as much hay on the floor like the other one did.

 Not sure if I told anyone, but I picked up this food bowl recently, maybe close to a month ago, and it has been doing well with holding the pellets. :)
My next product review will be on this product, actually.
 A view of the pellets in the bowl on the right.
The bowl is pretty heavy and deep, so they can't tip it over and spill the pellets, so that's really good.
I think I would go insane if they tipped over their pellets and scattered them everywhere like I see some piggies do.
The pellets that I use is on the left.
This is Kaytee Forti-Diet Pro Health pellets. It was $9.00 from PetSmart. Not much to say about this...

I recently bought another igloo, maybe 2 or 3 weeks ago.
My piggies fought when I had one igloo, so I ran and bought another one and they stopped fighting and ignored the new igloo and slept in one together. Weird pigs. ;)

My dad bought this adorable edible hut thing from PetSmart about 2 weeks ago, I think it's just so cute!

Almost forgot! The hay I feed my piggies is Oxbow Western Timothy Hay. Just in case you were wondering.

 Bean likes to pose for the camera. ;)
I think Zoey was in one of the igloos at the time I was taking pictures, so I never snapped one of her.
A view of all the hidey houses on the right.
They have a decent area where they can sleep. It's nice. :)

Sunday, August 5, 2012

New arrival! [TONS OF PICTURES!]

Surprise! I got a baby bunny!
It's a boy, and his name is Gus. :)

Can you find the sleepy bun bun? :)

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Kitten pictures!

Managed to snap some quick pictures of the cat on my iPod. [Thats why the quality sucks.]