Saturday, May 19, 2012

New cage idea!

So here is my new cage idea....
The cage came, and we are going to start building it maybe next weekend, or the week after 
that. We are going to Gatlinburg for a while. But I will still post. (I'm taking Beanie with me. Visiting relatives and she said I could keep her up there. :D)

(Click photo to enlarge)

 Trinity is doing a little better. The vet said she is doing great! 
I'm so glad to hear that. <3


Thats me right now, typing this. :3 I look horrible don't I? xD
I'm being super lazy today, I haven't done anything but lay in the bed and watch tv. :P
Bean is doing the same thing, chillin in her bed. <3


I hope everyone has a fantastic Saturday! Almost Product Monday. Be ready to see some 
awesome small pet products available out there. ;)


~ Mikayla

Friday, May 18, 2012

So many views!

I know it's only 160...
But in my book, thats a lot of views! And I just wanted to say...



Some evening playtime with the Beans. :3

Thursday, May 17, 2012


Evening snuggles with Beanie. :D

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Video! x3

I made this video to explain what my cage looks like.
It would be hard to type it. :3

Bath Time!

:: Let me out! ::

:: Getting all dry! ::

I'm in love with the second picture. It's just so adorable!

Cage! :D

I almost have it done, just need a couple more things!

• Coroplast (Which I can get at Home Depot)
• Another set of little playpen thingys (I use those instead of cubes because they are cheaper)
• Fleece

So thats about a total of $40.00. Depends on how much the coroplast is though.

This is the cage so far, and excuse the mess, it's the birds. I'm moving them out of that room though so they won't throw seeds into the piggy cage! And also, I know that the cage isn't supposed
to be on the floor, but soon my dad is building something that I can put the cage on. :D

It's about 27" by 48". So close enough. ;)
I can have 2 guineas in there. Because it's supposed to be 30" by 50" but there is just a couple 
inches off. :)

Oh, and Bean needs a bath BAD. So I'm giving her one as soon as I get done with this post. :D
And I will take photos. :P

Take care my fellow piglet mommies. ^_~


~ Mikayla

Monday, May 14, 2012

I was browsing Youtube videos and found this video. It's so cute! 


I was on the "Piggy Talk" thread I started, and someone said that my guinea pig blog inspired 
them to make their own blog! Hehe! How sweet! <3
Click here to view her blog!


~ Mikayla

Bleeding Toes & Subway Sammiches

I spent the rest of my day at my mamaws house. 
She told me all about this woman who died, I think yesterday.
She lived in New York, and she fell down an elevator shaft. She didn't die from falling, she got a blood clot soon after, which caused her to pass away. I hate riding elevators, they scare the living poo out of me. Also, Lily, my mamaws dog, cut her toe, and bled all over the porch! We don't know 
how she cut her toe, but she cut it good. So we got some bandages and wrapped it up.
Now she is limping, even though it's just a cut. She just loves the extra attention. ;)
She wasn't limping before we put the bandage on, so I think she might just be faking it a bit. ;)

As for Bean, she is currently filling herself full of hay, being a good piggy. 

:: Bean being a shy piggy eating hay ::

Before I got home today, I stopped by Subway and picked up a sandwich. Yummy!

But before I can get the big C&C cage, I have to talk to my dad about ordering it
off of the internet. Ugh, THIS is going to be rough. 

Wish me luck, guys! <3

~ Mikayla

   Like the new blog design? I'm in love with it. <3

All stretched out!

:: Bean enjoying her new bed ::

:: Beanie dragging a wood piece into her hidey corner ::

:: Bean chewing on the wood piece ::

:: All stretched out! ::

She looks so funny in that last picture. Her eye looks weird because her head was down in the blanket, and her skin was being pulled up. :P

Cage Plans

I spent a while in paint this morning, and made a dream cage. :3

I'm going to be ordering a cage pretty soon from Guineapigzone.

It's a 2x6 C&C cage, big enough for 6 guineas. 

I hope I can get at least 4. But I'm going to get Trinity and build up to four. And four is where I will stay. ;)

 I have a nice bright room where I am going to put the piggies cage. 

I am so excited! I can't wait to get it.
It's going to be so much fun to build!

~ Mikayla

Not sure what a C&C cage is? Click here to find out!

Laptime & Product Monday!

:: Bean enjoying her laptime ::

I love this shot! She looks so cute with her leg stuck out.
I'm not going to school today, so I can post throughout the day, 
if I don't fall asleep. ;)

I don't feel to good today, coughing a lot...
But Bean is here to make me feel better.
Every time I cough, she wheeks and licks my neck. 
I think she knows I'm not feeling well today.

 :: Snuggles with Beanie ::

:: She loves to snuggle ::

I was browsing the Petsmart website, and I saw some neat things.
I will put pictures below. 
 (Click the pictures to see the product)
Ware Premium+ Penthouse Rabbit Hutch - PetSmart 

I absolutely love this cage! I want this cage soooo bad. 
Even though it's made for rabbits, it can be used for guinea pigs. Just put coroplast on the bottom and fleece over that. Then put fleece on the floor on the top, then your set! 

Super Pet Critter Cruiser - PetSmart

If you have a little hamster or rat, this would be so funny 
to watch them run around in! If I had a hamster, I would most definitely get this for them. 

Super Pet Critter Shampoos and Sprays - PetSmart 

This is the shampoo I use to bathe Bean...
This reminds me...I should probably give her a bath today.
Pictures later! :)

Oasis Wet-Tail Drops - PetSmart
If your guinea pig has diarrhea, then I highly recommend this! 
Bean had diarrhea one time, so we stopped by Petsmart and picked up this medication. I came back home and gave it to her, and in one dose she was back to her normal pop-corning self! Her poo was normal too after one dose. So if you have a sick piggy, give them this!

  I might also be doing something else on different days.
But I need some ideas, if you have any, feel free to comment!

I hope everyone has a fantastic monday! 

~ Mikayla


Sunday, May 13, 2012

Buying a store piggy..

I feel horrible to say this, but I bought Bean at a pet store.
Trust me, if I could, I would have adopted a piggy.
I searched and searched for a pig for about 2 months, but the 
closest adoptable piggy was in Oklahoma. And all the animal 
shelters I went to had already given away their guineas.
I was tired of searching, so I gave in and bought a piggy.

A lot of people complain about how their store-bought piggies 
always had a disease, or were sick. Bean was perfect. 
Nothing was wrong. Everything was fine, she was a healthy,
happy piggy.

Also, a lot of people say how pet stores don't really care for the animals they sell. But the piggies at the pet store were great. I examined all of them carefully before picking one, nothing was wrong. 

I have had a pig before, so I know when something is wrong with them.
They were pop-corning, wheeking, and playing with eachother! 
They were so happy! I was glad to see that nothing was wrong with 
them. I talked to the manager and asked him how often they look at the pigs to see if anything is wrong with them. He replied, "We examine them every day. The employees are required to look at the small animals every time they walk by, to make sure none of them are showing any signs of sickness." I was so glad to hear that. So before I bought Bean, I stayed for a while and watched the employees. Sure enough, each time they walked by the tiny small-animals section, they looked closly at the piggies, and the hamsters.

The pet store I bought them from is not well known. It is a small, off-road store. So I guess you could say I adopted them. 
Hmm...yes, you actually could. Because they are sort of a rescue/sell kind of pet store. They take in abandoned animals or animals whos owners can't take care of them anymore. But they also buy animals to sell, so they are a good/bad pet store in my book.

I will admit, about a month after I bought Bean, she had diarrhea. But I believe it was because I fed her cabbage, can they eat cabbage? I don't think they can. I have no idea. I kick myself every time I think of that. I should have researched it before I gave it to her. 

But I think that every piggy, store or not should be given a chance. Just because someone bought a pig doesn't mean they don't care about animals in shelters.
You don't know how long they searched, called, looked, did everything they could to find an animal. 

But before you go buy a guinea pig, be sure to search for one, in a shelter, web sites ( is a fantastic site, if you are looking for a piggy.) do everything you can to find one before you buy one. 


Those cages right there are the kind of cages that breeders use to breed guineas and rabbits. They need more room than that! 

That is also another kind of cage the breeders use to breed guineas. Then, they ship them off to the pet stores. They breed their sows to death, then they just throw the sows away, like trash. 

There is another type of breeding cage. And believe me, that is where guineas in pet stores come from. 

Those cages have wire on the bottom, and it hurts small animals feet.


Sometimes, the pigs even get their feet stuck in the wire, and their legs break!

I hope everyone had a fantastic mothers day. 

~ Mikayla 



Rollin' the Hay!

I might get to stay home tomorrow. I have a cold and don't want to get anyone else
sick at my school. So maybe I can post throughout the day tomorrow!

Being sick is horrible, especially the medicine. :(
I hate grape medicine, and guess what? Thats the only medicine we have that would 
actually work. >.<

Bean is currently filling herself full of hay. She sure is one happy pig!
She will probably go to sleep soon, because she will be so full of hay! :P

I use the Rollin' the Hay ball thingy, and she doesn't even know how to roll it!
She barely uses it too. She usually eats the hay that fell out of it earlier.

:: Bean watching me blog. ::

 Goodnight everyone! Hope you piggy mommies had a great mothers day! <3

~ Mikayla 

I wish the rain would go away! :(

Wish we could go outside...but it's raining. :(

Rain rain, go away. :'(

Kissing Bears!

  It looks like she is kissing the bear, doesn't it? Isn't it the cutest thing ever?

It is such a hassle trying to get her to pose, but she will get used to it. ;)

I have put some buttons over on the right, I have a Facebook page too! Also a Twitter, and a Google +!


Beanie chewing on a broom! :D

Bean enjoying her pellets. :P

Look at all of these chew toys! :3

Hey there!


First of all, I will talk about my piggy!
Her name is Bean, because she absolutely adores greenbeans.
We have some beans growing in the garden, so that will save us a little, because she eats 
beans so much! She can smell my dad bring the beans inside and start wheeking so loud!

Today is Mothers Day! :D
I am a proud piggy mommy. :3

This is what Bean looks like:

I took that photo last night, she was laying on a neck pillow thing. She loves when I make it vibrate, but the batteries ran out, I have to go get some more. :/

Beans age is around 7 months now I think. 
So she is still a little baby. ♥

I take A LOT of photos of Bean. I will show them later though, right now it's all talk. :3

I have a thread on, it's called Piggy Talk. I put updates on Bean on there, but I will also put the updates on here too. 
Click here for the thread.

I love blogging, and browsing forums. I spend most of my time on though. 
It's a wonderful forum if you also have a guinea pig. You can order grids and other materials to build a C&C cage, which is what I am going to do pretty soon. Maybe in 2 weeks at the least. 

Her cage is currently a store bought cage, but it's pretty roomy, she still has room to popcorn and do all of her piggy things. 

Here is her cage: 

Side view
This one is kind of blurry, sorry, but this is her kitchen area, with her pellets and her rollin the hay ball.
Front view

They were horrible quality photos, but I took them with my phone because my iPod is messed up. :/

It may look kind of small, but it is just enough room for one guinea pig.
Once I get the C&C cage, I'm going to get her a buddy. I am getting the guinea pig from a friend that can't care for her anymore. Her name is Trinity, but sadly I don't have a photo to show of her.

Once I get Trinity I will post a bunch of photos on here of what she looks like. 

I hope everyone has a wonderful Mothers Day! & Don't forget to check out that thread. ;)

~ Mikayla