Saturday, May 19, 2012

New cage idea!

So here is my new cage idea....
The cage came, and we are going to start building it maybe next weekend, or the week after 
that. We are going to Gatlinburg for a while. But I will still post. (I'm taking Beanie with me. Visiting relatives and she said I could keep her up there. :D)

(Click photo to enlarge)

 Trinity is doing a little better. The vet said she is doing great! 
I'm so glad to hear that. <3


Thats me right now, typing this. :3 I look horrible don't I? xD
I'm being super lazy today, I haven't done anything but lay in the bed and watch tv. :P
Bean is doing the same thing, chillin in her bed. <3


I hope everyone has a fantastic Saturday! Almost Product Monday. Be ready to see some 
awesome small pet products available out there. ;)


~ Mikayla