Monday, May 14, 2012

Laptime & Product Monday!

:: Bean enjoying her laptime ::

I love this shot! She looks so cute with her leg stuck out.
I'm not going to school today, so I can post throughout the day, 
if I don't fall asleep. ;)

I don't feel to good today, coughing a lot...
But Bean is here to make me feel better.
Every time I cough, she wheeks and licks my neck. 
I think she knows I'm not feeling well today.

 :: Snuggles with Beanie ::

:: She loves to snuggle ::

I was browsing the Petsmart website, and I saw some neat things.
I will put pictures below. 
 (Click the pictures to see the product)
Ware Premium+ Penthouse Rabbit Hutch - PetSmart 

I absolutely love this cage! I want this cage soooo bad. 
Even though it's made for rabbits, it can be used for guinea pigs. Just put coroplast on the bottom and fleece over that. Then put fleece on the floor on the top, then your set! 

Super Pet Critter Cruiser - PetSmart

If you have a little hamster or rat, this would be so funny 
to watch them run around in! If I had a hamster, I would most definitely get this for them. 

Super Pet Critter Shampoos and Sprays - PetSmart 

This is the shampoo I use to bathe Bean...
This reminds me...I should probably give her a bath today.
Pictures later! :)

Oasis Wet-Tail Drops - PetSmart
If your guinea pig has diarrhea, then I highly recommend this! 
Bean had diarrhea one time, so we stopped by Petsmart and picked up this medication. I came back home and gave it to her, and in one dose she was back to her normal pop-corning self! Her poo was normal too after one dose. So if you have a sick piggy, give them this!

  I might also be doing something else on different days.
But I need some ideas, if you have any, feel free to comment!

I hope everyone has a fantastic monday! 

~ Mikayla