Monday, May 14, 2012

Bleeding Toes & Subway Sammiches

I spent the rest of my day at my mamaws house. 
She told me all about this woman who died, I think yesterday.
She lived in New York, and she fell down an elevator shaft. She didn't die from falling, she got a blood clot soon after, which caused her to pass away. I hate riding elevators, they scare the living poo out of me. Also, Lily, my mamaws dog, cut her toe, and bled all over the porch! We don't know 
how she cut her toe, but she cut it good. So we got some bandages and wrapped it up.
Now she is limping, even though it's just a cut. She just loves the extra attention. ;)
She wasn't limping before we put the bandage on, so I think she might just be faking it a bit. ;)

As for Bean, she is currently filling herself full of hay, being a good piggy. 

:: Bean being a shy piggy eating hay ::

Before I got home today, I stopped by Subway and picked up a sandwich. Yummy!

But before I can get the big C&C cage, I have to talk to my dad about ordering it
off of the internet. Ugh, THIS is going to be rough. 

Wish me luck, guys! <3

~ Mikayla

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