Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Cage! :D

I almost have it done, just need a couple more things!

• Coroplast (Which I can get at Home Depot)
• Another set of little playpen thingys (I use those instead of cubes because they are cheaper)
• Fleece

So thats about a total of $40.00. Depends on how much the coroplast is though.

This is the cage so far, and excuse the mess, it's the birds. I'm moving them out of that room though so they won't throw seeds into the piggy cage! And also, I know that the cage isn't supposed
to be on the floor, but soon my dad is building something that I can put the cage on. :D

It's about 27" by 48". So close enough. ;)
I can have 2 guineas in there. Because it's supposed to be 30" by 50" but there is just a couple 
inches off. :)

Oh, and Bean needs a bath BAD. So I'm giving her one as soon as I get done with this post. :D
And I will take photos. :P

Take care my fellow piglet mommies. ^_~


~ Mikayla