Sunday, May 13, 2012

Hey there!


First of all, I will talk about my piggy!
Her name is Bean, because she absolutely adores greenbeans.
We have some beans growing in the garden, so that will save us a little, because she eats 
beans so much! She can smell my dad bring the beans inside and start wheeking so loud!

Today is Mothers Day! :D
I am a proud piggy mommy. :3

This is what Bean looks like:

I took that photo last night, she was laying on a neck pillow thing. She loves when I make it vibrate, but the batteries ran out, I have to go get some more. :/

Beans age is around 7 months now I think. 
So she is still a little baby. ♥

I take A LOT of photos of Bean. I will show them later though, right now it's all talk. :3

I have a thread on, it's called Piggy Talk. I put updates on Bean on there, but I will also put the updates on here too. 
Click here for the thread.

I love blogging, and browsing forums. I spend most of my time on though. 
It's a wonderful forum if you also have a guinea pig. You can order grids and other materials to build a C&C cage, which is what I am going to do pretty soon. Maybe in 2 weeks at the least. 

Her cage is currently a store bought cage, but it's pretty roomy, she still has room to popcorn and do all of her piggy things. 

Here is her cage: 

Side view
This one is kind of blurry, sorry, but this is her kitchen area, with her pellets and her rollin the hay ball.
Front view

They were horrible quality photos, but I took them with my phone because my iPod is messed up. :/

It may look kind of small, but it is just enough room for one guinea pig.
Once I get the C&C cage, I'm going to get her a buddy. I am getting the guinea pig from a friend that can't care for her anymore. Her name is Trinity, but sadly I don't have a photo to show of her.

Once I get Trinity I will post a bunch of photos on here of what she looks like. 

I hope everyone has a wonderful Mothers Day! & Don't forget to check out that thread. ;)

~ Mikayla